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a site update at Sat 27-Aug-16 14:27:26
I have had it mentioned to me that
a) people are, in fact still reading this, and
b) that some of said people would like to have a certain section of the site restores to its... well, if not the primacy and/or glory it once held on these not-actually-hallowed-at-all pages, then at least restored.

I speak of course of the magic "H" word, "Hoaxes". The hoaxes from the self-submitting Web 2.0 reboot of Sonic Vegemite are of course still available here, but we're speaking of the old, dusty archives here.

I'm going to be honest. I was very picky during that time, and yet, not picky enough. A great deal of the submissions I inexplicably decided to place on the page at the time were, looking back on them, awful. Like, really, really bad.

So maybe I could put up some, even the bad ones, if only as a file depository. Maybe I could comment on some again, even. I am doing, somewhere in the depths of my free time, a site redesign, and maybe there could be some inclusion there.

I think two things really ended hoaxing: 1) 3D games and the requisite step up in effort and talent required to convincingly Photoshop in 3D rather than sprite editing, and 2) modding. It's really not that impressive to have a hoax saying "oh look, here is Amy in Sonic 2" when the response will be "yeah great, here is a ROM hack where you can actually do that". I guess anyone who wishes to hoax, really, could start up again on Sonic Mania (and that, in itself, is worth discussion) and just hope that they inspire the inevitable mods rather than imitate them.

If nothing else they would make good Twitter images.

Which gives me an idea...
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a sonic update at Sun 24-Jul-16 02:54:27
Yeah, I know, that's the 30-year title, not the 25-year title. Still. I think it's appropriate this time out.

Look at what we're getting. We are getting Taxman and Stealth doing the official fangame that Sonic 4 should have been. We are getting a new game by the Colours and Generations devs, who we know can put together awesome 3D Sonic games, which is a no-really-we-swear-this-is-not-Generations 2, with both Modern and Classic Sonic. We are getting people who are good at Sonic making games that look good. We are not getting "let's start all over again with a new engine and take three games to work out what does or does not work". I hope. Please don't start Project Sonic over again with a brand new playstyle, SOnic Team, Generations was fine.

If you are still bitching about what you want in a Sonic title at this point then I literally do not know how to help you anymore. Unless, of course, you are upset that we're not getting more of the edginess of the Shadow the Hedgehog era, in which case.... get out. No really, just get out. Don't drag us back there. Don't do it.

Now, as I said on the SV Discord, the critical thing is that they find the guy who keeps saying "what game are all the cool kids playing, let's steal a mechanic from that", and beat him with rusty blunt implements. About the head and neck. Repeatedly. Because if there is another STEALTH SEGMENT in my SONIC GAME I swear I am going to throw things.
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a sonic update at Sun 7-Feb-16 12:45:14
Well, where to start.
First of all, you may or may not be aware that over the past several months the Sonic the Hedgehog official Twitter account (which follows the SV Twitter account like everyone should) has been going into a meme-induced fever dream of truly glorious proportions. But we keep seeing hints, mostly in posts to Egoraptor, involving the dates 23 March and 1 April.

Speculation is rife as to what exactly will happen on these dates, but given the 25th Anniversary is this year the most common guess is that these dates pertain to information about the 25th anniversary Sonic game. This is of course supposed to be a real game by actual Sonic Team, rather than another terrible adaptation of the rather excellent cartoon. All evidence points to one thing: the long-awaited release of Big's Fishing Adventure. Don't worry - they've already got you covered on the music.

But in all seriousness, given that SEGA appear to be embracing people like RubyEclipse who actually seem to know or care what the fanbase thinks, is it wrong to hope for something good? I know, I know, the Boom games poisoned the well to the point that the trendy retrospective downgrading of good Sonic games' quality has sped right up to the awesome/outstanding/amazing Colours now, and possibly onto Generations next, but a man can dream...
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a sonic update at Sat 15-Nov-14 01:10:22
So, apparently a cartoon tie-in game by an unheralded third-party developer turned out to have a solid-yet-unremarkable portable version and a terrible rushed-to-meet-the-cartoon-launch-date console version. Who'd've thunk it? And yet, apparently, for some people this is coming as some sort of a shock, in what I can only describe as some sort of temporary amnesia where people forget how the video game industry has worked since the Eighties. "Not the licensed platformer!", they cry. "How could that possibly have turned out badly?" Maybe it's a holdover from those naive days when Sammy took over Sega, when people inexplicably thought that Sammy would promptly fire Sonic Team and get third-party devs in to "do it properly". Of course, what we got was Sonic '06. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I am right and have always been right, about all things, ever. Especially the things I'm wrong about. Joking aside, though, I really cannot fathom how people couldn't see this coming. It's a shame Sega-Sammy's finances are so bad, because this now puts a serious dampener on Sonic Lost World 2...
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a sonic update at Thu 6-Nov-14 11:54:08
Have you heard the name of my new band, "My Sonic Obligation"? I digress. My Sonic obligation is, of course, the fact that Sonic Boom was playable on 3DS at PAX Australia, and so of course it was my duty to play it and report on it. Or so I thought, not knowing at the time that SEGA wee going to release the exact same demo to the eShop within the week anyway. So you've now played it and judged it already anyway. And the fact is you're not likely to change your mind based on things like comparative opinion. But we press on anyway.

It's... not bad. I've been told that this means I'm "trying to be optimistic" but truth be told this game is a lot better than I thought it would be. But then of course I thought it would be a train wreck. It had its fun moments playing, and I was genuinely impressed by some of the uses of Sonic mechanics among the standard action-adventurey stuff. That's basically what this is. Solid. Standard. Safe. But relatively enjoyable. This won't be the grand Sonic Return To Form. This will be on the better side of average. But seriously, I was thinking up nightmare scenarios, and at least it is a relief that these will not occur.
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